Types of wallpaper we install




Types of wallpaper we install

Black wallpaper, wall murals, flower wallpaper, textured wallpaper, brick wallpaper, grasscloth wallpaper, designer wallpaper, kids wallpaper, vintage wallpaper; you name it we have installed it! Any wallpaper design, any room, and design style we can complete any wallpaper service.

Below is a breakdown of the types of wallpaper available in specialist shops and wallpaper online stores.



Gold Vinyl Classic Mottle Wallpaper


Vinyl wallpaper / wide vinyl

This is a popular choice of wallpaper for bathrooms, kitchens and kids wallpaper as it is best known for its durabilty and easy cleaning. This paper comes in a wider roll, which means less seams. This makes it great for large scale areas.  It also hides wall flaws due to its heaviness. It is also a perfect choice for commercial venues.




Vinyl coated wallpaperVinyl Coated Wallpaper

This paper has a protective vinyl coat that gives the same quality, easy cleaning and durability of vinyl paper. It is often preferred over vinyl paper as the coated version is strippable, making it easier for wallpaper removal and so more versatile.






Astek Burlap Paperweave Grasscloth Wallcovering

Grass cloth and burlap coverings

These natural fibre wall coverings include materials such as; grass cloth, grass weave, bamboo, cane, raffia, paper weave, burlap and jute. They are textured wallpapers made from environmentally friendly natural products. This interior design style will add texture and dimension to any room for a distinctive, classy interior look.





Foil wallpaperBrocade Home Fall Collection Foil Wallpaper

There are some very modern metallic wallpapers around now which are very fashion forward and striking for a visual impact. These papers have a metal plastic film on the paper backing. It is great for darker or smaller areas as the shiny surface will reflect the light so is a great way to play with light in a room. It is also washable. This paper is a fine wallpaper so it is always recommended to use a lining paper first to ensure an even result, preventing any wall surface imperfections from showing through.





Flocked wallpaperflocked wallpaper velvet collectibles too astek

This is a traditional patterned wallpaper enjoying a trendy revival. Sometimes it is changed to have a more modern edge or is kept with an old vintage wallpaper look. It is made using powdered cloth or wool and usually has a raised, velvety texture. It has ever been a popular choice for a feature wall. This paper is difficult to hang as any paste that touches the surface will ruin the pile, so it should only be applied by an experienced wallpaper hanger.





Embossed  wallpaper / anaglyptaembossed wallpaper

This paintable wallpaper has an embossed pattern on it. It is a thicker paper which makes it great for covering walls with a poor surface or imperfections. It is inexpensive and stylish. It can also be used to simulate ceilings from the Victorian era. It can be bought in white, hung then painted your desired colour, and is also available in a range of colours if you don’t wish to paint it.





Non-woven wallpapersAnna French Non woven wallpaper

Non woven wallpapers are the most modern wallpaper type. They would be hung by pasting the wall instead of the paper which is easier for installation. They are strippable and tear resistant which means you can take it down in sheets, roll them and take them with you when you move. This paper comes in a variety of colours and patterns and they are eco-friendly and breathable.These papers are made from natural and synthetic fibers.






A wall mural wallpaper is a modern statement style that works best on a feature wall in a large area. Also great for a commercial environment.This inspirational design idea is usually a photo or artwork that has been enlarged and superimposed onto the vinyl.This paper is made from vinyl and has the same qualities as wide vinyl paper.

Talk to us about turning your favourite photo or artwork into a stunning wall mural.



If the choice is overwhelming we suggest visiting a wallpaper shop to have a close look and a touch. Click here to see our recommended suppliers online and around Brisbane.

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