Custom Made Wallpaper



Do you have a wallpaper design idea but can’t find just the right wallpaper anywhere?


You can have a custom made wallpaper unique to you, in any design and size. Create your wallpaper from a photo. It can be a photo you have taken yourself or a photo you have bought from a photo stock website such as Shutterstock or Dreamstime. These types of websites have huge ranges of photos you can buy for very little cost. It just needs to be a high resolution photo.



Using Architects Paper the photo is digitally printed to the paper using the exact measurements for your area. This is a tailor made, unique product perfectly fitting any space.

For commercial premises this is a great solution to get noticed by putting your logo/branding on a boardroom wall, in reception, hallway, retail shop or office . You can also have your wallpaper made on vinyl paper which is great for a high traffic area as it is more durable.


Email us your photo, measurements and any requirements and we will send you a quote for the mural to be made and installed.




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