Wall Murals

On trend for interior decor are wallpaper murals. They are a stunning way to create an impact in your room. There are many different types of mural;

There are many ready made murals to buy from wallpaper online shops such as Rebelwalls and most wallpaper suppliers will have some examples try Murrays Interiors. You could use a mural in most settings, a cityscape in an office, a scene from nature for a living space or a submarine in a kids room!

You could have a custom made mural. This would be an image or photo that can be made into your wallpaper. This is using the latest in digital technology and you would have to order from a company who makes bespoke papers such as Rebel Walls  You could have your favourite family portrait, holiday snap or your own artwork blown up to exact proportions for your wall.

A mural does not have to be a specific picture. It could even be an abstract design, a pattern. It is best used on a large wall with as little obstructions as possible

You can also choose from a few different materials. It can be digitally printed on vinyl or the latest technology is on self adhesive, pre-pasted paper. We always recommend choosing the best quality available for a superior finish.