Venetian Plaster

Every interior needs something distinctive and Venetian plaster is one exceptional way to achieve this. Venetian plaster is a rock-hard, mirrored veneer created from polishing plaster to a highly lustrous finish. It gives a sense of depth that cannot be achieved with paint alone.

Every project can be customized and so is unique and perfectly adapted to the setting. This light-reflective finish is achieved by applying natural or cement-based plasters by hand, then polishing to a luminous shine. All plasters can be colour washed or tinted to your desired colour and sealed with a protective wax to extend the life of the plaster. Create a metallic glass like shine, a marbled ripple or a cement textured end result all of which are low maintenance once completed.

Contemporary yet reminiscent of a traditional European stucco, Venetian Plaster delivers a truly opulent glass face finish, equally at home in an architecturally designed home and a lavish hotel.
Venetian Plaster is especially useful for columns where a marble effect is sought after. But it is equally effective for façades, reception counters, splashbacks and feature walls.