No. See our wallpaper stockists page for some recommended suppliers online and in store.

We charge by the square meter in most cases. However every project is different so in order to work out the meterage rate there are details such as if there is much to cut around like in bathroom or if its to be installed on a staircase that make a difference to the standard price. (see below: what information we need  in order to send you a quote)

If there is masonry on the walls it is best to use a steamer. If on plasterboard do not use a steamer as you could damage the plasterboard.

Without a steamer, the best way is using warm water with detergent. Use a bucket and roller to cover wallpaper. Leave for a few minutes then repeat. Use a heavy duty window scraper to scrape away paper. Ideally you want to take off the top layer first if there are multiple layers.

If it is proving hard to remove; score the paper with a knife to let water in which helps it soak it through.

There are a few times we may need to look at the work before we start:

-If it is a large scale project

-If there is some preparation work to be done before wallpapering

-If it is a combination of painting and wallpapering

-If there is an unusual layout for wallpapering i.e. many angles or a staircase

-All painting work needs to be viewed prior to quoting as we need to see what preparation is involved

– Measurements of area or plans including ceiling height

– Types of wallpaper you have ie. name/brand/code

– Is the wallpaper going on a flush wall or is there much to cut around ie. a bathroom

-Is it for your home or a commercial project

-We are expecting to handle everything ourselves. We move all of the larger furniture if necessary, and put it back, so you don’t have to worry.

– All furniture, belongings and floors are protected with drop cloths during painting.

-The only items we ask you to move are small, fragile, breakable items, as well as taking down any tv’s or shelves (if possible) ready for wallpaper.

-We always leave your home tidy, clean and how we found it.

As professionals we will ensure that the surfaces are suitably perfect before painting or wallpapering.


-We will fill any holes or imperfections and sand them smooth.

-All cracks are properly scraped out, filled and sanded.

-Caulking is inspected around all windows and frames, doors and door frames and re-caulked as needed.

-Any flaking paint will be removed and sanded back from timber.

-Any water stains, crayon marks etc. are sealed before painting and grease and heavy dirt accumulations are cleaned.

-Any mildew that is present will be cleaned prior to painting.


-Unless further work is specified in your quote we will give the surface a basic sand to smooth and if there are any pin holes we can fill them.

-New surfaces must be sealed a minimum of 12 hours prior to installation with one coat of a water based paint

We only use premium paints and primers for our customers. Our preferred brands are Dulux and Taubmans.

As to the type of paint being, oil based or latex etc. each project requirements are different. We will evaluate your home or commercial space and the environment and use the appropriate product.

We will supply all paint and materials. Clients may supply their own paint but in some cases we may not guarantee on paints that have not been purchased by us. We do not provide warranties on workmanship for non-premium paints. The quotation provided by us will list the paint brand and colour that will be used as well as anything specific that we will not provide such as wallpaper.

We understand how hard it can be to visualise how the colour will look. So to help you make your decision will supply you with 3 sample colour pots as a complimentary service. We recommend looking at colour swatches and magazines prior to our consultation so we have a starting point. It is important to be sure of your colour choice before we start as it could become costly if you wait until we finish!

Not always. If your project is over a certain amount we would require a 10% deposit and a 10% deposit for materials in some cases. We would always notify you of this prior to starting in our Terms of Trade that you would receive.

Sometimes a part payment is also required part way through the work if it is an ongoing project that lasts longer than 2 weeks or is broken up into stages.

Yes. We are fully insured with public liability covering up to $20 million, work cover, and our QBCC licence number is 1275900 We are also members of Master Painters Queensland

Most people underestimate the time and skill it takes to get a perfect finish.

While it might be fun to paint yourself did you know most of the professional’s time goes into the preparation of the surface? An experienced painter will know the best product to use, already have the tools and equipment, know how to prep properly, get a beautiful finish in a fraction of the time it could take you.

It also may be safer if there are high areas, ceilings to be painted or wallpapered as we will do it safely using the appropriate ladders or scaffolding.

Wallpaper is a specilaised skill. While you may be able to hang it yourself, will you get it perfectly aligned and pattern matched? We use a commercial grade adhesive not available in the shops, that will last longer and aid the application of wallpaper.There is no type of wallpaper we havent had experience hanging.

We will also clean up after we finish saving you the effort.


-We have removed wallpaper that has been up for 20 years or more!

-We do not offer a guarantee on wallpaper installation as it is subject to wear and tear.


-You can expect 10 years for the exterior.

-The interior usually results in more wear and tear so would be less but, as we recommend premium products such as Dulux and Taubmans,  we offer a 5 year guarantee when we have used these paints where the work is on new surfaces or those taken back to bare.

-The keys to good paint performance are proper surface preparation, high quality materials and quality application.

No. We take pride in being honest tradies!

Any extras or unexpected things that come up we will inform you of prior to starting or as soon as we are made aware of them and will work with you or advise you of the best course of action for you.