Home Cinema Room -Wallpaper Installed


Who wouldn’t love a home cinema room?

An interior trend we are seeing a lot of in 2018 is wallpapering a media room.

For us, a media room should be something more than just a projector screen or huge TV, a cinema room works best when it is moody and atmospheric.



Keep in mind that the home theatre room has different needs than any other room in your home. Natural light isn’t a concern and you have the chance to experiment with colours and styles that might not use in other spaces around the home. Rich, dark colours like red, black or gold and bold patterns may not be your taste for your living room but suit a home theatre perfectly.



A great idea that ticks off 2 birds with one stone is using an acoustic wallpaper. Foremost it obviously insulates the noise factor and you can go with a traditional cinema colour –red. Think of your local movie theatre, think Hollywood glamour!


A great interior design idea for your movie room is art deco. Be inspired by movie theatres of old or use a modern take of a 1920’s classic such as this Catherine Martin black and gold wallpaper



Another great wallpaper trend you can take advantage of here is a mural. Bespoke or choose a design from a company such as Rebel Walls or Photowall will allow you to custom tailor the size to fit your exact measurements.

The look I would go for here might be a classic movie still from your favourite film, a head shot of a movie or sporting icon, or a cinema inspired mural.



Choices are endless, time to have some fun in this room or go with a classic elegance.