How to choose the right house painter – get 3 quotes – Painters Brisbane

How to choose the right house painter – get 3 quotes – Painters Brisbane

One of the easiest ways to find someone to paint your home is by using the “get 3 quotes” system from the myriad of online sites that offer this service. But does this mean the work has really been done for you? NO! Any person or company can register with these sites, it is still good practice for you to know how to choose the quality tradesperson from the bunch.

Mostly we look for the perfect balance of quality and price. Here in the painting industry though, it can be almost impossible to compare painting quotes as they vary so widely. You can go for the cheapest sure, but will you get the quality of work, premium products and any extra care? You can go for the best looking website but will that person respect your home?

Here I have compiled a list of things I would be asking any potential businesses.

  • Does this painter have a license? Here in QLD for all work carried out over $3300 a QBCC license must be held and it is now also a legal requirement for your tradesperson to take out a QBCC home warranty insurance on your behalf.
  • Did you receive a terms and conditions/contract? This leaves no room for error, you know exactly what is expected and are covered if something is not done that is specified in the contract.
  • Did you receive excellent customer service so far? Were your calls/emails responded to in a timely manner? Was the person you spoke to polite and happy to help? When you let someone into your home did you feel comfortable?
  • Look carefully at your quote to leave no room for miscommunication. Make sure all the details of the work to be carried out are included on your quote. If the details are not written in the proposal it can cause problems later when work you thought that was being done, isn’t, causing increased costs and tension. Important things to look out for in the quote are: preparation; has this been allowed for in the price as it is extremely vital to the finish and what exactly is included / excluded. How many coats of paint will be applied? One coat when 3 coats are needed is what you need to be aware of. What products are being used? Are they premium quality from a reputable brand?
  • Ask prospective painting contractors for referrals from previous clients and examples of their work. A painter who is proud of his work will be willing to give them to you and have nothing to hide.
  • Ask the contractor, or check the quote, for what work is guaranteed. Are there extra services provided such as free sample colour pots or anti mould formula added. These small touches may be what stands one business out from another.

For a quality painter who ticks all the above points and more please call on 0458019363 to arrange an inspection and obligation free quote



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