The Block – Kids Room Wallpaper- Wallpaper installers Brisbane

The Block – Kids Room Wallpaper- Wallpaper installers Brisbane



It was so great to see The Block this week doing loads of wallpaper in Kids rooms. There was no bold, themed wallpaper, but very soft and sophisticated wallpapers.  I must say I love it!



As a kid I remember a big embroidery my mum made of ABC & animals and I stared at it so much I can probably recall it exactly even now! So for me its natural to want to give that to my kids. But as I don’t embroider (does anyone now?!) and my husband installs wallpaper….



A great thing about not going with a quirky themed room, they wont tire of it too quickly. A refined pattern is something that will grow with them.



As the owner and Creative Director of paper and textile design studio, These Walls, Sarah Hingle is making our wallpaper dreams a reality. Sarah spoke to News9 saying the following;

Why does wallpaper work so well in a kids’ bedroom?

By adding this one element to a room, it immediately personalises the room. Whether you are going for a playful, edgy or even a softer space, wallpaper can immediately get a feel across without having to work too hard. There is no need to co-ordinate a hundred accessories to work up a ‘feel’ or ‘theme’ – install the wallpaper and bang, it’s done!






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