5 of the best wallpapers for the entrance of your home

5 of the best wallpapers for the entrance of your home

Arrive and depart with style. Open the front door to all the wallpapering possibilities. Captivate and entrance. Access your inner panache and enter the world of wallpaper (through the front door!)

Make the entry to your home something to admire as you pass through. Here are 5 of the best entries we have installed.


Signature Prints Florence Broadhurst Circles and Squares. Subtle geometric designs are very on trend for 2017 interiors. This is an excellent example of a tasteful pattern for an entry.


This is a stunning textural black wallpaper above the sideboard cupboard in an entry and styled beautifully.


You can’t beat a classic stripe especially when it matches the door so well. This wallpaper is by Superfresco.


Injecting some colour into the hallway. The blue in the wallpaper contrasts wonderfully against the timber. And another beautiful patterned geometric print to boot.


This entrance uses a velvety textured concrete effect which flows through to the main body of the house. A subtle wallpaper like this is perfect for using in numerous areas as it will be timeless and is also so versatile with the rest of the furnishings.


I hope this has inspired you to make something of your entry. Give us a call now to discuss your project and get a free quote.

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